Angular Acceleration Calculator

Calculate the angular acceleration of an object. Enter the initial angular velocity, final angular velocity, time and radius to calculate the angular acceleration.

Angular Acceleration Formula

The formula for calculating the angular acceleration of an object in circular rotation is as follows:

α = (ω₂ – ω₁) / t

  • Where α is angular acceleration
  • ω₂ – ω₁ is the change in angular velocity
  • t is time

Angular acceleration can also be calculated through the following equation:

α = a / R

  • Where α is angular acceleration
  • a is tangential acceleration
  • R is radius

How to calculate angular acceleration

Angular acceleration is the rate of change of velocity in an object that is undergoing a circular rotation. Specifically this is the change in angular velocity, not the change in tangential velocity, although it can be calculated from that as well.

To calculate the angular acceleration of an object you first need to calculate it’s angular velocity. This can be done through this calculator. Next, you need to measure the total time that passes. Finally you need to measure and calculate the final angular velocity. Enter all of these values into the calculator above and you have your answer.

The last step in this process is to analyze your result to see if it makes since. When calculating problems in physics, one of the best ways to ensure accuracy is to think about the answer and see if it makes logical since. If your values are 10,000 times what you expected, it’s likely a mistake in your calculations.

angular acceleration calculator

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