Conservation of Momentum Calculator (Final Velocity)

Enter the mass, initial velocity, and final velocity of object 1, and the mass and initial velocity of object two, 2 calculate the final velocity of object 2. This is valid for a perfectly inelastic collision of two objects only.

Conservation of Momentum Formula

The following formula is used in the conservation of momentum of two objects undergoing and inelastic collision.


  • Where m1 is the mass of object 1
  • V1 is the change in velocity of object 1
  • M2 is the mass of object 2
  • and V2 is the change in velocity of object 2

In other words v1 and v2 are the final velocities minus the initial velocity. This equation is the law of the conservation of momentum. In this case, since v contains both the initial and final velocities, if the other variables are known than the equation can be used to solve for the missing variable.

conservation of momentum calculator

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