Electrical Power Calculator

Enter the voltage, current, and power factor into the calculator below to determine the total electric power of a system.

Electrical Power Formula

The following equation can be used to determine the total electrical power output of a system (Watts)

P = PF* I * V

  • Where P is the power in Watts
  • PF is the power factor (unit less)
  • I is the current ( Amps)
  • V is the voltage (Volts)

In this case the power factor is a measure of the efficiency of an AC system. In short, AC systems work with current and voltage varying with time. This is usually in some sinusoidal propagation. Essentially, if the current and voltage are not in sync, then the output will be less than the max output of power. This is where the power factor comes in. If the current and voltage are in sync then the power factor is 1. If they are not, then the power factor is less than 1.

There are few cases where the power factor can be greater than 1, but these are few and far between. Keep in mind the units displayed in the list above to make sure your units are the same.

Electrical Power Calculator
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