Lean Body Mass Calculator

Enter your weight and height to calculate your estimated lean body mass. This lean body mass calculator estimates your body fat % as well as your lean body mass.

Lean body mass includes not just weight due to muscles, but all other parts of your body minus body fat. I more accurate way of saying this would be your non-body fat weight.

Lean Body Mass Formula

The below formulas are used to calculate the lean body fat in both men and women. These formulas were derived from averages of historical data, but can only provide an estimate.

LBM (men) = 0.407 * weight + 0.267 * height * 100 – 19.2

LBM (women) = 0.252 * weight + 0.473 * height * 100 – 48.3

The formulas above assume the weight is measure in kg, and the height in cm. However, the calculator above has converted these to lbs and in.

How to calculate lean body mass

Let’s go over an example of how you can calculate lean body mass using the calculator above. This one will be simple!

First, measure your height in inches or convert it to inches from centimeters.

Next, step on a scale to measure your weight in lbs.

Finally, enter your values in the calculator above! Simple as cake.

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