Max Lift Calculator

Calculated your estimated max lift for any exercise. Enter the weight and number or repetitions performed for an exercise and calculate your estimated one rep max.

1rm Calculator

This calculator uses a simple formula based on current science to determine your max lift based on the same lift at a different rep number. The following is the percentage based formula the calculator uses.

  • 1 Rep – 100% max lift
  • 2 Reps – 95% max lift
  • 3 reps – 93% max lift
  • 4 reps – 90% max lift
  • 5 reps – 87% max lift
  • 6 reps – 85% max lift
  • 7 reps – 83% max lift
  • 8 reps – 80% max lift
  • 9 reps – 77% max lift
  • 10 reps – 75% max lift
  • 11 reps – 73% max lift
  • 12 reps – 70% max lift

And so on…..

One Rep Max Calculator

Why would you need to know your max lift of any given exercise?

First, almost all lifting programs are based off of your max lifts. Using your max lift numbers is used as a gauge to determine how much work load you can handle. Of course this is only an estimation, but it’s still an extremely important first step in setting up a weight lifting program.

max lift calculator

Another good use of this calculator is to estimate where you are at for power lifting competitions. More often than not you don’t want to max out every lift every single week. This puts enormous strain on your body and leads to injury. Instead most people go for reps or 3-5 for strength. When leading up to a competition, power lifters definitely don’t want to max out because they might get hurt. Instead you can use this calculator to gauge where you are at and plan your competition lifts. \

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