Pace Calculator

Race Pace 

Use this calculator to determine your per mile pace you need to run to hit you goal time. Knowing your pace time will help you reach your final goal time. Use this for races or for workouts. 

Tips on Pacing

The following strategies can be used in practice and during the race to improve your pacing and overall time. 

Start slower than you think: 

Going out too fast in a race i a sure fire way to end your race quickly. Go out at a conservative pace and slowly building up as the race progresses. The more you race the more you will get a feel for the pace you can maintain and start with to not run out of gas. The only thing worse than finishing a race with something left in the tank, is not finishing at all because you went out to fast. 

Run at your goal race pace during training: 

Pick your goal time and determine you pace using the pace calculator above. Now run this specific time during practice as many times as possible. Sometimes you will find that this pace is actually much harder than expected. This is normal for people with big racing goals. If it turns out that this pace is a little easier than expected, adjust your goals and training accordingly. 

Use your heart rate as a a gauge for intensity:

How hard you are working and the intensity you feel you’re giving is often very subjective. This is because how you feel is often not just a result of your effort but many other factors. As a result, using your heart rate as a measure of intensity can really help you improve and stay consistent in your training. 

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