RLC Circuit Calculator (Solve for Frequency)

Enter the total capacitance and total inductance of an RLC circuit to calculate the frequency of that circuit. An RLC circuit consists of 3 components, a resistance, impedance, and a capacitance.

RLC Circuit Formula

The following equation can be used to calculate the frequency of an RLC circuit.

F = 1 / [2π * √(L * C)]

  • Where F is the frequency (Hz)
  • L is the inductance (Henries, H)
  • C is the Capacitance (Farads)

In this case the equation can only be used when these three components are combined in a series. This would not apply if they were connected in some other way.

The three main uses for RLC Circuit are as follows:

  1. Filters
  2. Tuning Circuits
  3. Oscillators circuits.

Oscillator circuits are likely the most common. These can convert DC signal to AC signal.

RLC Circuit Calculator
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