How to calculate batting average

Calculate the batting average of any hitter in the major leagues or anyone else. Enter the number of at bats, number of hits, and number of walks.

Batting Average Calculator

Batting average is a simple ratio of number of hits to number of at bats (not including walks). Because batting average does not include things like RBI or on base percentage, it’s falling out of popularity for more modern numbers like slugging percentage, but that does not mean it can’t be useful.

Let’s go over an example of calculating batting average. Lets assume someone has 500 at bats. Of those they walked 50. So now we have 450 effective at bats. Of those 450, the batter got a hit 150 times. Now divide 150/450 to get the ratio that equals the batting average. This would be .333. Not to bad if i say so myself.

Batting Average Calculator

But as i mentioned before, batting average is falling out of popularity for things like slugging percentage. So what is slugging percentage?

Slugging is a ratio of hits to at bats just like batting average, except it weights the number of bases you get per hit. For example, a triple (getting to third base) is valued more than a single (getting to first base). As you can see this could value someone who hits the ball far but left often than someone who hits it short but more often. For that reason, it was named slugging after “sluggers” who hit the bar far.

Even this metric is not perfect, in fact, some argue it’s less valuable than batting average. One of the most important metrics in baseball is on base percentage. This metric includes walks into it’s equation and as you know, the more times a hitter gets on base, the more likely they are to score.