How to Calculate Blog

Our mission from the very first day has been to provide easy to use calculators free of charge for all. As we have been progressing on this journey it’s come to our attention that there are an infinite amount of problems and not all of them can go directly on our menu bar, and so we’ve begun this blog.

We’ve name this blog the “how to calculate blog” because we’ve come to realize that that question is at the root of all calculators. How do we calculate X? We will explore niche topics and questions in this blog that will hopefully start to touch on some less popular needs for calculators.

The goal is to achieve at least 7 blogs per week, or an average of 1 per day. At first this may start out slowly, but we will build to more and more each week. We don’t believe we will ever cover every topic in the world, but it’s likely at some point we will get close to our goal.

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