How to calculate annual salary

On our menu above under finance you can see our salary to hourly wage converter. This can be useful for salaried employees, because it allows them to properly judge their wages with the amount of hours they work. But what about determining your estimated annual salary based on an hourly wage?

Annual Salary Calculator

Calculate your estimated annual salary based on your hourly wage, overtime hours, and total hours worked (minus overtime hours).

So why would you need to know your estimated annual salary? There are several reasons this could be useful.

First, knowing your annual salary can help immensely with scheduling your budget. For instance, if one month you work 200 hours and get paid some over time, you may think you have a lot of money to work with in your monthly budget. If you then only work 160 hours the next month, you could wind up with less money than expected. Then you might now end up in such a good spot that month. Knowing your annual salary can allow you to evenly divide your wages to each month while you plan your budget.

Second, if you are currently an hourly employee but are applying for a salaried position, it’s important to know where your current wages stand. Salaried employees have the benefit of a guaranteed salary, but the downside of not getting paid for every hour.

Lastly, knowing your annual salary can be used as a bargaining chip with your employer. Compare your annual salary with the industry to see where you stack up.

Hourly to Salary

What are the highest paying jobs?

Now, lets compare some of the top paying jobs on a salary bases.

3.Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons$233,900
4.Obstetricians and Gynecologists$222,400
9.Allergists and Immunologists$197,700
11.Preventive Medicine Physicians$197,700
14.Physicians and Surgeons, All Other$197,700
15.Sports Medicine Physicians$197,700
16.Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physicians$197,700
17.Nuclear Medicine Physicians$197,700
19.Internists, General$196,520
21.Family and General Practitioners$192,120
22.Chief Executives$185,850
23.Chief Sustainability Officers$185,850
24.Pediatricians, General$183,180
25.Dentists, General$172,350

Not surprisingly, almost the all of these jobs are in the medical field.

There are a few that stick out that aren’t related to medicine. Those are CEO’s and CSO’s. Which of course are the leaders of businesses so this is also not surprise. This list isn’t here to convince you to get a medical degree, it’s more of a baseline for the top salaries in the world. If you are getting anywhere close to these numbers you are in the 1% of people in the US. Even more impressive is you would be in the top .01″ of people int he world.

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