How to calculate a test grade

Calculating a test grade involves taking the total amount of points you earned dividing it by the total points of the test. Then you multiply that number by 100 to get a percentage. That percentage is then used to determine your letter grade like in the table below. Enter your points scored and total possible points to determine your grade.

Test Score Calculator

As you can see in the calculator above, calculating your test grade is fairly straight forward in general. What can make this more tricky is when you start having parts of tests that are weighted more than others instead.

For example, lets say you have 5 different sections of a test. All of those sections have 5 questions each worth one point. Sometimes, those sections are broken down based on how important they are and weight as such. For instance, the first 4 sections may be worth 15% of the total grade each and the last section is worth 40% of the grade.

If that’s the case, you must multiply the total number of points of each section by the % they are worth.

For the last section this would look like the following:

5 points * .40 (40%) = 2 weight points.

You would need to do this for all for sections. Then you would need to add all of the total weighted possible points together. Then divide your scored weight points by your possible weight points to get your grade percentage.

For the example above the total weight points would be 4.40 points. Lets say you got a weighted score of 2 points. Then your grade would be as follows:

2/2.40=.83*100=83% = B

This weight scoring makes it more complicated to calculate the final grade, but it allows teachers to adjust tests to focus on the most important subjects.

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