How to calculate calories from fat

Determine the number of calories you are receiving from fat. There are 9 calories in every gram of fat, 4 calories for every gram of protein, and 4 calories for every gram of carbohydrates. The following is how you calculate calories from fat.

How to calculate Calories from Fat

  1. Research the nutritional value of your food

    Find the nutritional label on the container of food your are eating, or look up the nutritional information through google.

  2. Find the section that displays the information on fat

    Determine the total number of grams of fat in your food

  3. Use the following formula

    Calories from Fat (kcal) = Grams (g) of Fat * 9 (kcal)

  4. Convert Grams of Fat to Calories

    For example 20 grams of fat = 180 calories (kcal)

  5. Review your calories an adjust diet

    Adjust your diet based on your caloric needs

How many calories should i be getting from fat?

That entirely depends on your specific diet and your goals. For example, many people are on the ketogenic diet. This is a diet that focuses on getting the majority of their caloric needs from fat. If you are on a normal diet, you are more likely to need a majority of your calories from carbohydrates and proteins as apposed to fasts.

The general guideline is to focus on what works for you. Some people like to eat more fats because it helps with balancing weight loss. Some people like eating less fats because it helps you with losing weight it most places. Our maybe you just eat whatever you want like most people.

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