Enter the length width and height of the room into the calculator to determine the number of acoustic foam panels needed.

Acoustic Foam Panels Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the number of Acoustic Foam Panels needed for a room.

#P = (L*W*H) / PS/66.66 * C

  • Where #P is the number of acoustic foam panels
  • L is the length of the room (ft)
  • W is the width of the room (ft)
  • H is the height of the room (ft)
  • PS is the panel area (ft^2)
  • C is the percentage coverage factor
    • Typical coverages are 10%, 15%, and 25%

To calculate how many Acoustic Foam Panels are needed for a room, divide the volume of the room by the area of the panels, then multiply by the ratio of coverage desired.

What is an Acoustic Foam?


Acoustic Foam is a material that is placed on walls and ceiling to reduce sound echoing in large rooms. In other words, it’s a type of sound insulation.

How to determine how many Acoustic Foam Panels I need?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate the amount of acoustic panels needed for a room.

First, determine the length, width, and height of the room.

In this example, the length, width, and height are given is 20 ft, 40ft, and 8 ft respectively.

Next, determine the length and width of the panel. The panels to be used for this are 24″X24″ = 2’X2′.

Next, calculate the area of the panels. 2×2 panels have an area of 4 square feet.

Next, determine the desired coverage ratio. In this case, we want a 25% coverage.

Finally, calculate the Acoustic Foam Panels needed using the formula above:

#P = (L*W*H) / PS * C

#P = (20*40*8) / 4/6.66 * .25

#P = 60