Acreage Calculator

Enter the length and width of the total area into the calculator to determine the acreage. First, select the unit of measure of the length and width.

Acreage Formula

Calculating acreage is a simple conversion of units formula.

1 Acre = 43,600 SQ Feet

1 Acre = 4,840 SQ Yards

1 Acre = .0015625 SQ miles

What is an acre?

An acre is a unit of measure that’s use dot describe area with regards to land. It can technically be used for anything involving area, but it’s most commonly used when referring to land and real estate.

Originally int he middle ages and acre was defined as the area of land that could be ploughed in one day by one yoke of oxen. Now however, this term has been coined to be exactly 4046.8564222 square meters.

acreage calculator