Adsense vs Ezoic Calculator

Calculate the potential ad revenue increase from switching from solely Adsense to an Ezoic partnership. Enter the current earnings per day and page views per day of your website into the calculator.

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is a publishing company that manages the ads displayed on your website. They combine hundreds of ad networks, just like Adsense, in order to serve the highest paying ads at all times on your website. This leads to higher earnings when compared to just standard Adense.

According to Ezoic’s 2019 publisher report, which can be found here, the average increase in EPMV, which is a measure if earnings per 1,000 visitors, was around 122%. That is a dramatic increase in revenue per user. It’s important to note that some of these websites didn’t have very optimized setups to begin with, so if your website is already fairly well optimized you should expect closer to a 60% increase in revenue per user.

adsense vs ezoic calculator

Why Does Ezoic use EPMV instead of RPM?

As mentioned early, EPMV is a measure of revenue per visitor instead of the standard format of RPM which is revenue per page view. The reason Ezoic uses EPMV is because it’s a more accurate representation of how your website is performing. For example, if you’ve recently improved your website design to increase page views per visitor, your RPM will never show an increase, but your EMPV would.

Another benefit of Ezoic is that it allows you to apply for googles ad exchange which is a platform that allows advertisers and publishers to bid in real time on ad placements on websites. This leads to higher demand and higher revenues for publishers and website owners.

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