Enter your total gross income and the total deductions are taken into the calculator to determine your AGI.

AGI Formula

The following formula is used to calculate an adjusted gross income.

AGI = GI – D

  • Where AGI is your adjusted gross income ($)
  • GI is your total gross income ($)
  • D is your total deductions take ($)

AGI Definition

AGI is defined as the total income after deductions are subtracted.

AGI Example

How to calculate ADI?

  1. First, determine your total gross income.

    Determine your total gross income. This is your total income before taxes and deductions.

  2. Next, determine your total deductions.

    Determine the total amount of deductions. These are pre-tax deductions such as health care and dental.

  3. Finally, calculate your AGI.

    Subtract the total deductions from your total gross income to determine your AGI.


What is AGI?

AGI stands for adjusted gross income. It’s a measure of your total income after pre-tax deductions like health care is taken into account.

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