Enter the total number of amp hours and the total number of volts into the calculator to determine the equivalent Watts hours. This calculator can also calculate either the voltage or amp-hours, given the other variables.

Amp Hour to Watt Hour Formula

The following formula is used to convert amp-hours to watt-hours.

Wh = Ah * V
  • Where Wh is watt-hours
  • Ah is amp hours
  • V is the voltage (volts)

To calculate wh from ah, multiply the ah by the voltage.

Amp Hour to Watt Hour Definition

Amp-hour to watt-hour is a conversion of total amps per hour to total watts per hour.

Amp Hour to Watt Hour Example

The following is an example of how you can convert amp-hours into watt-hours using the formula above.

  1. First, you need to determine the total amp-hours. Recall that this is not the same as straight amps. It’s a rate of amps per hour. For this example, we will say that value is 50 Ah.
  2. Next, determine the voltage of the system. We will assume this to be 50 Volts.
  3. Finally, calculate the watt-hours using the formula above. 50 Ah * 50 Volts = 2,500 Wh.


What is Watt-hours?

Watt-hours are the rate of power consumption per hour. Since watt is, a unit of power and hours is a unit of time. It’s a power-per-time unit.