Enter the total horizontal distance and the total depth an object is seen from an observer. The calculator will evaluate the total angle of depression of the object as seen by the observer. This calculator can also determine the distance or depth given the angle and the other variable.

Angle of Depression Formula

The following formula can be used to calculate the angle of depression of an object seen from a point or observer.

A = atan(X/D)
  • Where A is the angle in radians or degrees
  • X is the horizontal distance
  • D is the depth

The horizontal distance and depth must have the same units for this equation.

To calculate the angle of depression, take the inverse tangent of the result of the horizontal distance divided by the depth.

Angle of Depression Definition

An angle of depression is an angle as measure from a surface, usually the x-axis, as measured to a certain depth of -y distance.

Angle of Depression Example

How to calculate an angle of depression?

  1. First, determine the depth.

    Measure the depth of the depression.

  2. Next, determine the distance.

    Measure the horizontal distance of the depression.

  3. Finally, calculate the angle of depression.

    Using the formula above, calculate the angle of depression.


What is an angle of depression?

An angle of depression is a total angle as measured from the x-axis of a negative slope.