Enter the moment of inertia and angular frequency into the calculator to determine the angular momentum of an object.

Angular Momentum Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the angular momentum of an object.

L = I * w

  • Where L is the angular momentum (kgm^2/s)
  • I is the moment of inertia (kg*m^2)
  • w is the angular frequency (rad/s)

You can calculate the angular frequency using the angular speed calculator linked above.

Angular Momentum Definition

Angular momentum is defined as the product of angular velocity and mass of a rotating system or object.

Angular Momentum Example

How to calculate angular momentum

  1. First, determine the moment of inertia

    This can be calculated using the mass moment of the inertia calculator linked above.

  2. Next, determine the angular frequency

    Determine the angular speed at which the object is moving.

  3. Finally, calculate the angular moment

    Using the information from steps 1 and 2 and the formula above, calculate the angular moment.


What is angular momentum?

Angular momentum is the total amount of momentum an object has in rotation.

How do you calculate angular momentum?

Angular momentum is calculated using the angular frequency and momentum of inertia.