Enter the antenna efficiency, wavelength, and aperture area into the calculator to determine the antenna gain of the antenna system.

Antenna Gain Formula

The following formula can be used to calculate the gain of an antenna.

G = 10 LOG ( n4πA / w2)

  • G is the antenna gain
  • n= Efficiency
  • w = Wave Length
  • A = Physical Aperture Area

Antenna Gain Definition

Antenna gain is a measure of the efficiency that an antenna converts input energy into radio waves.

Antenna Gain Example

How to calculate antenna gain?

  1. First, determine the efficiency.

    Measure the electrical efficiency of the antenna.

  2. Next, determine the wave length.

    Calculate the wave length of the waves produces by the antenna.

  3. Next, determine the physical aperture area.

    Measure the total aperture area.

  4. Finally, calculate the antenna gain.

    Calculate the antenna gain using the equation above.


What is antenna gain?

Antenna gain is the efficiency at which the antenna converts input power into radio waves. For an antenna receiving the signal, the gain is the efficiency at which the antenna converts radio waves back into electrical power.

How is antenna gain calculated?

Antenna gain is calculated using the efficiency, wavelength, and aperture area of an antenna along with the formula described above.

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