Asphalt Calculator

Enter the length in feet, width in feet, and thickness in inches to calculate the total amount of asphalt needed as well as the total cost.

The total asphalt cost is calculated through the total volume and density of asphalt. This is converted into weight, and then the total cost is calculated by multiplying the weight by cost per pound/ton, which is a typical pricing metric for asphalt.

Lets take a look at an example.

Lets say you have a 12 FT by 40 FT by 10″ deep driveway you want to pave.

First, calculate the total volume

12*40*.83 = 398.40 cubic feet.

Now convert that volume to weight through the density, assuming a density of 145lbs per cubic foot.

398.40*145 = 57,768 lbs.

Next multiply the total weight by the price per pound. Lets assume $0.25/lb.

57,768*.25= $14,442.00

That’s the cost of asphalt alone. If you want to calculate the cost of paving the driveway, you would need to get a quote from a contractor.

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