Enter the NIR and the RED values into the calculator to determine the advanced vegetation index.

AVI Formula

The following formula is used to calculate an advanced vegetation index:

AVI = [ NIR * (1-RED) * (NIR -RED ) ] ^ 1/3

  • Where AVI is the advanced vegation index
  • NIR is the near-infrared light value
  • RED is the red light value

AVI Definition

AVI, short for advanced vegetation index, is a metric used to study the changes in crops and forests over time.

AVI is similar to NDVI, and uses the near-infrared and red spectral bands.

Example Problem

How to calculate AVI?

First, determine the near-infrared light value. For this example, we will use a value of 84.

Next, determine the RED spectral band value. For this example, using the same satellite (Landsat 5), the RED value is .2525

Finally, calculate the AVI for this area of land using the formula above:

AVI = [ NIR * (1-RED) * (NIR -RED ) ] ^ 1/3

AVI = [ 84 * (1-.25) * (84-25 ) ] ^ 1/3

AVI = 17.409