Enter the wheel diameter, tire size, number of chaining teeth, number of cog teeth, and cadence to determine your estimated bike speed.

Bike Speed Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the speed at which you are riding your bike.

V = pi * (D + (2 * T )) * (CH/COG) * CA

  • Where V is your bike speed (mph)
  • D is the wheel diameter (in)
  • T is the tire size(thickness) (in)
  • Ch is the number of teeth in chain
  • COG is the number of teeth in the COG
  • CA is your cadence (RPM)

Bike Speed Definition

Bike speed is defined as the velocity of a bike based on the RPM or cadence of the biker and the bike’s physical characteristics.

Bike Speed Example

How to calculate bike speed?

  1. First, determine the wheel diameter.

    Measure the wheel diameter.

  2. Next, determine the tire size.

    Measure the tire thickness.

  3. Next, determine the number of teeth.

    Measure the number of teeth in the chain.

  4. Next, determine the number of teeth in the COG.

    Measure the teeth in the COG.

  5. Next, determine the cadence.

    Calculate your cadence in RPM.

  6. Finally, calculate the bike speed.

    Use the equation above to calculate the bike velocity.


How do i know how fast i’m riding my bike?

The best and most accurate way is to measure your speed through the use of a radar gun. Since that is not available to most people, the next best option is to use the formula above.

How do i bike faster?

Biking faster involves increasing your cadence (RPM) or increase the ratio of teeth in the cog to total teeth (aka going up in a gear) all while keeping cadence steady.

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