Enter the initial and final volume, along with the initial and final pressure, into the calculator to determine the bulk modulus.

Bulk Modulus Formula

The following equation used to calculate the bulk modulus of a material.

B = -V1 * (P2-P1)/(V2-V1)
  • Where B is the bulk modulus
  • V1 is the initial volume
  • V2 is the final volume
  • P1 is the initial pressure
  • P2 is the final pressure

Bulk Modulus Definition

A bulk modulus is defined as the measure of elasticity of the material or gas to expand or contract while under a pressure.

Bulk Modulus Example

How to calculate bulk modulus?

  1. First, determine the initial and final pressures.

    Calculate the initial and final pressure.

  2. Next, determine the initial and final volumes.

    Calculate the initial and final volumes.

  3. Finally, calculate the bulk modulus.

    Calculate the bulk modulus using the equation above.


What is Bulk Modulus?

Bulk modulus is a measure of the bulk elasticity of a material or object. In other words, it’s a measure of how resistant to pressure the material is.

How is bulk modulus calculated?

The bulk modulus is calculated by measure the volume and pressure of an object at two different points.