Enter the magnitude of the charge of two points and the distance between them into the calculator to determine the charge or force between them.

Charge Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the charge between two points. re

F = Ke * q₁ * q₂ /r²
  • F is the electrostatic force between the two objects
  • q1 is the magnitude of the first charge (coulombs)
  • q2 is the magnitude of the second charge (coulombs)
  • r is the distance between them
  • Ke is coulomb’s constant which is equal to 8.98755 * 10⁹ N * m² / C²

Electrical Charge Definition

What is an electric charge? An electric charge is a fundamental property of matter that causes a particle to experience a force when subjected to a magnetic field.

Example Problem

How to calculate charge between points?

  1. First, determine the magnitude of the charge on the first particle.

    For this example, the charge is found to be 10 coulombs on the first particle.

  2. Next, determine the magnitude of the charge on the second particle.

    The second particle is found to have a charge of 20 coulombs.

  3. Next, determine the distance between the two particles.

    The distance between the particles is found to be 5 meters.

  4. Finally, calculate the electrostatic force.

    Using the formula, the electric static force between the charged particles is found to be: 8.98755*10^9 * 10 * 20 / 5^2 = 71900400000 N.

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