Enter the total cost of the paint and the number of gallons purchased into the calculator to determine the cost per gallon of point.

Cost Per Gallon Of Paint Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Cost Per Gallon Of Paint.

  • Where CPGP is the cost per gallon of paint ($/gallon)
  • CP is the total cost of paint ($)
  • GP is the total gallons of paint (gallons)

To calculate the cost per gallon of paint, divide the total cost by the number of gallons.

What is the Cost Per Gallon Of Paint?

The average cost per gallon of paint is roughly $25 per gallon.

Many different factors determine the cost of paint per gallon. The most obvious would be the cost of the paint itself. But then you have to factor in things like what type of paint you want if you’re renting equipment, and how much product you’re using.

Here are some factors that affect the cost of paint per gallon:

Type of Paint: There are a lot of different kinds of paints out there, and they vary significantly in price. For example, latex paints tend to be cheaper than oil-based paints. If you want to use oil-based paints, you’ll need to rent specialty equipment for thinning, blending, and cleanup (i.e., a roller pan and an airless sprayer).

Type of Surface: Paints will also vary in price depending on what surface you’re painting. For example, interior walls tend to be cheaper than exterior walls because they require less prep work (you can get by with just one coat). Also, darker colors tend to be more expensive than lighter colors because they need more material.

Location: Local prices will vary depending on where you live.