Enter the total number of outlets in the home and the cost to determine the cost per outlet.

Cost Per Outlet Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Cost Per Outlet.

CO = TC / O
  • Where CO is the cost per outlet ($/outlet)
  • TC is the total cost of all outlets ($)
  • O is the number of outlets in a home

To calculate the cost per outlet, divide the total cost to install all outlets by the number of outlets.

What is Cost Per Outlet?


A cost per outlet defines the average cost to install one outlet in a new construction or home.

How to Calculate Cost Per Outlet?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate the Cost Per Outlet.

First, determine the cost to install all outlets. In this example, the total cost is found to be $425.00.

Next, determine the number of outlets installed. In this new home, there were 20 outlets installed.

Finally, calculate the cost per outlet using the formula above:

CO = TC / #O

CO = $425.00 / 20

CO = $21.25 / outlet


What factors can affect the cost per outlet in a home?

The cost per outlet can be influenced by several factors including the type of outlets installed (standard, GFCI, USB, etc.), the complexity of the wiring required, the accessibility of the installation site, local labor rates, and whether the installation is part of new construction or a renovation project.

Is it more cost-effective to install more outlets at once?

Generally, installing multiple outlets at once can be more cost-effective due to economies of scale. The initial setup time and costs are spread out over more outlets, potentially reducing the cost per outlet. However, the total cost will still depend on the specific details of the project.

How can homeowners save money on installing outlets?

Homeowners can save money on installing outlets by planning installations during renovations or new construction to minimize labor costs, choosing standard outlets over specialized ones when possible, and comparing quotes from multiple electricians to ensure competitive pricing. Additionally, doing some preparatory work themselves, if competent, can also reduce costs.