Enter the total number of watt-hours and the total cost of electricity into the calculator to determine the cost per watt-hour.

Cost Per Watt Hour Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Cost Per Watt Hour.

  • Where CPWH is the cost per watt-hour ($/wh)
  • EC is the electricity cost ($)
  • P is the total power in watt-hours

To calculate the cost per watt hour, divide the electricity cost by the number of watt-hours.

What is the Cost Per Watt-Hour?


A cost per watt hour is a unit of measure used to describe the cost per unit of power times time. Power times time, in this case, is watt-hours. This is used most often when looking at utilities and determining the cost per usage.

How to Calculate Cost Per Watt-Hour?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate Cost Per Watt Hour.

First, determine the total electricity cost. In this example, the total electricity cost is $350.00.

Next, determine the number of watt-hours. In this case, the watt-hours are found to be 10 wh.

Finally, calculate the cost per watt hour using the formula above:


CPWH = $350 / 10

CPWH = $35 / watt-hour