Enter the total number of x-rays performed and the total cost of running the x-ray into the calculator to determine the cost per x-ray.

Cost Per X-Ray Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Cost Per X-Ray.

  • Where CPX is the cost per x-ray
  • TRC is the total running costs, including labor and machine costs
  • #XR is the number of x-rays performed

To calculate the cost per x-ray, divide the total running costs by the number of x-rays performed.

What is Cost Per X-Ray?


A cost per x-ray is the total cost a center spends in labor, operations, machine, and overhead per x-ray performed.

How to Calculate Cost Per X-Ray?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate Cost Per X-Ray.

First, determine the total running costs. In this example, the total running costs are $5,000.00 for the week.

Next, determine the number of x-rays performed. For this problem, the number of x-rays over the week was 20.

Finally, calculate the cost per x-ray using the formula above:


CPX = $5,000.00 / 20

CPX = $250 / x-ray


What factors can influence the cost per x-ray?

The cost per x-ray can be influenced by several factors including the type of x-ray machine used, the cost of electricity to run the machine, the wages of the technicians performing the x-rays, and any additional overhead costs such as maintenance and supplies.

How can a healthcare facility reduce its cost per x-ray?

A healthcare facility can reduce its cost per x-ray by optimizing the efficiency of x-ray procedures, negotiating better rates for electricity and supplies, investing in energy-efficient x-ray machines, and providing ongoing training for technicians to reduce the need for repeat x-rays.

Are there any external factors that could affect the total running costs of x-ray operations?

Yes, external factors such as changes in electricity rates, fluctuations in the cost of x-ray film or digital storage, variations in labor costs due to market conditions, and the need for unexpected repairs or maintenance can all affect the total running costs of x-ray operations.