De Broglie Wavelength Equation Calculator

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Enter the mass, velocity, and plank’s constant into the calculator to calculate the De Broglie Wavelength.

De Broglie Wavelength Formula

The following equation is used to calculate a de broglie wavelength.

L = h / (m*v)

  • Where L is the wavelength
  • h is Plank’s constant (6.6262 X 10 & -34 Js)
  • m is the mass (grams)
  • v is the velocity (m/s)

De Broglie Wavelength Definition

A De Brolie wavelength is a law that states all matter exhibits wave-like behavior and therefore you can calculate the wavelength using the equation.

De Broglie Wavelength Example

How to calculate De Broglie Wavelength?

  1. First, determine the mass.

    Measure the mass of the object or material.

  2. Next, determine the velocity.

    Calculate the velocity of the matter.

  3. Finally, calculate the De Broglie Wavelength.

    Calculate the wavelength using the formula above.


What is a De Broglie Wavelength?

The De Broglie Wavelength is a fundamental concept in quantum mechanics that states that all matter exhibits wave-like behavior, and therefore has a wavelength associated with it.

How is De Broglie Wavelength calculated?

The wavelength is calculated using the mass of the particle, velocity, and the Plank’s constant.

De Broglie Wavelength Calculator
De Broglie Wavelength Formula