Enter up to 5 different decimal numbers into the calculator to determine the result of the multiplication of the numbers entered.

Decimal Multiplication Formula

The following formula is used to perform the multiplication of decimals.

X = .ab * .cd = ab*cd / 10000
  • Where X is the resulting decimal answer
  • a,b,c, and d are integers


How to multiply decimals?

  1. First, determine the the individual decimal numbers.

    For this example we will say the decimals are .25 and .25

  2. Next, multiply the numbers as if they weren’t decimals.

    25*25 = 625.

  3. Next, measure the total number of decimal places between both decimals.

    In .25 there are 2 decimal places. Since there are two numbers the total places would be 4.

  4. Finally, move the decimal in the answer from step 2.

    Moving the decimal 4 places in the answer from step 2 would yield .0625.

decimal multiplication calculator
decimal multiplication formula