Enter the deck clearance, stroke, connecting rod length, and compression height of the piston into the calculator to determine the deck height.

Deck Height Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Deck Height.

DH = DC + ((S/2) + CRL + CH)
  • Where DH is the deck height (in)
  • DC is the deck clearance (in)
  • S is the stroke length (in)
  • CRL is the connecting rod length (in)
  • CH is the compression height (in)

To calculate the deck height, add together the connecting rod length, the compression height, and half of the stroke length, then, add the result to the deck clearance to get the deck height.

What is a Deck Height?


A deck height is a measure of distancer from the main bearing bore to the flat surface of the block.

How to Calculate Deck Height?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate Deck Height.

First, determine the deck clearance. In this example, the deck clearance is measured to be .25 inches.

Next, determine the stroke length. The stroke length is measured to be 3 inches.

Next, determine the connection rod length. This is measured to be 4 inches.

Next, determine the compression height. The compression height is .5 inches.

Finally, calculate the deck height using the formula above:

DH = DC + ((S/2) + CRL + CH)

DH = .25 + ((3/2) + 4 + .5)

DH = 6.25 inches