Dog Food Calculator

Calculate the estimated amount of dog food needed to keep your dog well fed but not become fat based on your dogs weight, age and activity level. 

How much should i feed my dog? 

The above recommendation is specifically for dry food, but it can be applied for raw food as well. It’s just important for you to keep in mind that sometimes dry food is much more calorie dense than raw or wet food. That is it contains much more calories per pound of food. If you use the same exact recommendation as the calculator above, but feed them raw food, they may or may not be getting enough calories. 

With that said, this is only an estimation based on current literature on dog size and activity level, but every dog breed is different. Some dogs need more than others in order to maintain an healthy weight. 

The only true way to know how much food your dog needs is to weigh them weekly at the same time every week. You need to monitor their weight to see if it’s rising or falling and adjust accordingly. It’s important to measure their weight at the same time every day because it can vary depending on when they normally eat their food. 

How can i keep my dog healthy? 

How much you feed your dog is only part of the puzzle. There are hundreds of things you need to do in order to keep your dog healthy. The following list should outline the most important aspects and things to keep in mind. 

  • Give the dog shelter when needed
    • Don’t let them sit out in terrible weather for too long​
  • Give them clean water everyday. ​
    • You don’t want mold growing in the pot
  • Maintain proper body weight​
    • Research proper body weights for your breed of dog​
  • Give them something comfortable and clean to sleep on. ​​​
    • Sleep is just as important for dogs as it is for humans​
  • Give them proper exercise daily. ​
    • Every dog needs some activity daily​
  • Play with your dog​
    • Dogs need love just as humans need to to be happy​
  • Give your dog all the shots they need​
    • Dogs can get sick too and they need vaccines​ to keep them healthy
  • Train your dog to behave properly​
    • A misbehaved dog will get into accidents more frequently​
  • Give them high quality food​
    • The difference between cheap dog food and good dog food is everything​
Dog Food Calculator

Most of all, just care for your dog and pay attention to how they are acting. A healthy dog should be a happy all the time!