Doppler Effect Calculator

Enter the emitted frequency, wave velocity, receiver velocity, and source velocity. The calculator will evaluate and display the observed frequency.

Doppler Effect Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the observed frequency of the doppler effect.

f = f0 * (v + vr) / (v + vs)

  • Where f is the observed frequency
  • f0 is the emitted frequency
  • v is the wave velocity
  • vr is the receiver velocity
  • vs is the source velocity

Doppler Effect Definition

The doppler effect is a term used in science to describe the changing of the frequency of a wave when it’s moving relative to an observer. When the waves are emitted on a moving objects, the observed frequency changes to the observer.

Doppler Effect Example

How to calculate the doppler effect?

  1. First, measure the emitted frequency.

    Measure of calculate the emitted frequency.

  2. Next, determine the wave velocity.

    Measure or calculate the wave velocity.

  3. Next, determine the receiver velocity.

    Measure or calculate the velocity of the receiver.

  4. Next, determine the source velocity.

    Measure or calculate the source velocity.

  5. Finally, calculate the doppler effect.

    Calculate the doppler effect using the formula above.


What is the doppler effect?

A doppler effect is the changed perceived frequency of a wave due to the relative velocities between source and receiver.

doppler effect calculator

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