Enter the wave speed, change in frequency, and the source frequency into the calculator to determine the doppler shift observer velocity.

Doppler Shift Velocity Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Doppler Shift Velocity.

Vo = c*Δf/fS

Vs = c*Δf/fo

  • Where Vo is the observer velocity (m/s)
  • Vs is the source velocity (m/s)
  • c is the wave speed (m/s)
  • Δf is the change in frequency (hz)
  • fs is the frequency of the source (hz)
  • fo is the frequency of the observer (hz)

What is a Doppler Shift Velocity?


A doppler shift velocity describes the velocity of an observer based on the wave speed and change in frequency.

How to Calculate Doppler Shift Velocity?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate Doppler Shift Velocity.

First, determine the wave speed. In this example to make things simple, the wave speed is found to be 500 m/s.

Next, determine the change in frequency. For this problem, the change in frequency is found to be 400 hz.

Next, determine the frequency of the source. In this case, the frequency of the source is measured to be 200 hz.

Finally, calculate the Doppler Shift Velocity using the formula above:

Vo = c*Δf/fS

Vo = 500*400/200

Vo = 1000 m/s