Ebay Fee Calculator

Calculate your estimated Ebay sellers fee based on the selling price of your product or good. This is based on the number of items sold and cost of goods sold.

How to calculate Ebay Fees

Ebay is an excellent platform for selling goods. It makes reach new customers easy for sellers, but this come with a price. That cost includes two separate charges.

The first is a insertion fee. This is essentially the cost of only listing your item and has nothing to do with the actual sale. In fact, you will be charged this listing fee regardless of whether the item sells or not. This is important to keep in mind when determining your selling price especially on cheaper items. The following table outlines the actual cost of listing based on price. 

  • $0.01 to $0.99               Free
  • $1.00 to $9.99              $0.25
  • $10.00 to $24.99          $0.50
  • $25.00 to $49.99          $0.75
  • $50.00 to $199.99        $1.00
  • $200.00 or more          $2.00

If you do not have an Ebay store, you will be charged $0.10, for each listing under $0.99. As you can imagine, listing tons of cheap items under $1.00 could cause you to rack up a large percentage of Ebay fees.

Ebay Fee Calculator

The next fee is called the final sale value fee. This fee is a percentage of the total sale. The following table outlines these fees for Ebay store subscribers.

As you can see from the table above, the fees ebay takes from your sale can be quite costly. With the help of the calculator above you can take this into account of your final sale price in order to get as much profit as possible.   

Ebay Fees Over Time

Ebay Fees are constantly changing over time. in fact, just in 2019 they updated their fee charges. (Hint: it went up!). It’s important to stay on top of these kind of changes in order to navigate a sellers landscape and turn a consistent profit. It’s also important to explore other options such as AMAZON FBA or Shopify in order to make sure you are making the right choice as a seller and to keep the competition between these companies going. Competition leads to cost reductions and innovations which is good for the seller! If you are looking for more information on the recent changes check out the Ebay page here : https://pages.ebay.com/seller-center/service-and-payments/fees-and-features.html