Enter the total number 2 point field goals made, 3 point field goals made, and total attempts to determine the effective field goal % (EFG).

EFG Formula

The following formula is used to calculate an effective field goal percentage.

EFG = (2PFG + 1.5*3PFG) / FGA *100

  • Where EFG is the effective field goal percentage (%)
  • 2PFG is the number of 2 point field goals made
  • 3PFG is the number of 3 point field goals made
  • FGA is the number of field goal attempts

EFG Definition

What is EFG?

EFG stands for effective field goal percentage. It is a metric used to analyze how well a player shoots while taking into account the difference in points earned between a 3 point and 2 point shot.

For example, if a player shoots 40% from the 3-point line since those baskets are worth 50% more than a 2-point shot, you multiply the percentage by 1.5 to get the “effective” field goal percentage of 60%. In other words, 40% from 3 is as good as 60% from 2.

Example Problem

How to calculate EFG?

  1. First, determine the field goals made from the 2-point range.

    For this example, a player has made 40 2 point field goals.

  2. Next, determine the field goals made from the 3-point range.

    In this case, the player also made 40 3 point field goals.

  3. Next, determine the total number of attempts.

    In this example, the player took 200 shots to reach these field goals.

  4. Finally, calculate the EFG.

    Using the formula above, the effective field goal percentage is calculated to be:
    EFG = (2PFG + 1.5*3PFG) / FGA *100
    EFG = (40 + 1.5*40) / 200*100
    EFG = 50%