Enter the point charge, electric field strength, and distance into the calculator to determine the electric potential energy of the system.

Electric Potential Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the electric potential of a point.

EP = q * E * d 
  • Where EP is the electric potential energy (Joules)
  • q is the point charge (Coulombs)
  • E is the electric field strength (N/C)
  • d is the distance (m)

To calculate electric potential energy, multiply the point charge by the electric field strength and the distance.

Electric Potential Definition

Electric potential energy is a specific type of potential energy that arises from the potential of a point charge to be moved by an electric field.

Electric Potential Example

How to calculate electric potential?

  1. First, determine the point charge.

    Calculate the point charge.

  2. Next, determine the field strength.

    Measure or calculate the strength of the electric field.

  3. Next, determine the distance.

    Determine the distance between the point charge and the electric field.

  4. Finally, calculate the potential energy.

    Calculate the electric potential energy using the formula above.


What is electric potential energy?

Electric potential energy is the energy required to move a charge against an electric field.

How is electric potential calculated?

Electric potential energy is calculated by multiplying the point charge, electric field strength, and distance.