Enter the wattage, hours used per day, days used per month, and utility cost into the calculator to determine the cost of the electrical appliance.

Electrical Appliance Cost Formula

The following formulas are used to estimate the cost of using an electrical appliance.

EC = W/1000 * UR * HD 
  • Where EC is the electricity cost per day ($)
  • W is the wattage (power usage) of the appliance (watts)
  • UR is the utility rate (electricity cost) ($/kWh)
  • HD is the average amount of hours used per day.

To calculate the appliance electric cost, multiply the wattage by the utility rate, then again by the hours used per day, and finally divide by 1000.

How do you determine how much an electrical appliance costs to run?

In order to determine how much an electrical appliance costs to run, first, you must know the power usage of the appliance. This will typically be displayed somewhere on the appliance.

Next, you need to determine the utility rate. This is the cost per unit of power per unit of time (typically dollars per kilowatt-hour). The utility rate is also known as the cost of electricity.

Once you have the utility rate and the power usage of the appliance, all you need is the average amount of hours that the appliance runs for, and you can calculate the appliance cost.

Example Problem

The following example problem will go over how to calculate the electrical cost of running an appliance.

First, the power usage is determined. In this example, the power needed by the appliance is 400 watts.

Next, the utility cost is found to be $0.20/kwh.

Next, the average amount of hours per day that the appliance will run is found to be 10 hours.

Finally, using the formula above, the electrical appliance cost is found to be:

EC = W/1000 * UR * HD

EC = 400/1000 * .20 * 10

EC = $.80 /day = $5.60/week = $24.00/month