Enter the total cost of the job and the total number of hours spent on the job by the electrician to determine the electrician cost per hour.

Electrician Cost Per Hour Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Electrician Cost Per Hour.

  • Where ECH is the electrician cost per hour ($/hour)
  • TEC is the total cost of the electrician/job ($)
  • EH is the total number of hours the electrician spent working on the job (hours)

To calculate the electrician cost per hour, divide the cost of the job by the hours worked by the electrician.

What is the Cost of an Electrician Per Hour?

The average electrician charges $60-$110 an hour, but be sure to add on other costs of the job.

For example, if your wiring needs to be replaced, you will have to have a permit and the work will most likely need to be inspected by a building official. Add on these costs when you are calculating the total cost.

The cost of an electrician will vary depending on the type of project you need done, as well as additional factors such as where you live and how long the project will take.

The typical tasks performed by an electrician include installing and repairing electrical wiring; troubleshooting and diagnosing problems with electrical systems; repairing lighting fixtures, switches, circuit breakers, and outlets; reading blueprints to determine the layout of a building’s electrical system; testing electrical equipment such as transformers, generators, and circuit breakers; and maintaining records of daily work activity.