Euclidean Distance Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Euclidean distance between two points.

What is a euclidean distance?

A Euclidean distance is most often referred to as the distance between two points within the Euclidean space. The Euclidean space is therefore, the coordinate system those points are contained in. Most often this is referred to as the x-y plane.

Example Problem

We will now take a look at an example problem of calculating the distance between points in the Euclidean space.

  1. First, determine the x and y coordinates for the first point in. For this example we will say this first point is located at (10,25).
  2. Next, determine the x and y coordinates of the second point. Here we will say this is (25,30)
  3. Finally, calculate the euclidean distance using the formula above. Doing so we find that the distance is 31.62.

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