Enter the number of loops, change in magnetic flux, and change in time into the calculator to determine the induced voltage.

Faraday’s Law Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the induced voltage in an EMF.

e = - N * (MF/t)
  • Where e is the induced voltage
  • N is the number of loops
  • MF is the change in magnetic flux
  • t is the change in time

To calculate the induced voltage using Farady’s law, multiply the number of loops by negative 1, then multiply by the result of the magnetic flux by the change in time.

Faraday’s Law Definition

Faraday’s law is the theory of electromagnetism that describes the induced voltage that a magnetic field causes.

Faraday’s Law Example

How to calculate an induced voltage.

  1. First, determine the number of loops.

    Calculate the number of loops.

  2. Next, determine the magnetic flux.

    Measure the magnetic flux caused by the magnetic field.

  3. Next, determine the change in time.

    Measure the change in time.

  4. Finally, calculate the induced voltage.

    Calculate the induced voltage using Faraday’s Law.


What is faraday’s law?

Faraday’s law is a law of electromagnetism that describes the act of a magnetic field

What is EMF?

EMF stands for electromotive force. This is a force caused by electromagnetic induction.