Fat Intake Calculator (Daily Fat in Grams)

Enter your sex, height, age, weight, and select an activity level. This calculator will then determine how many grams of fat you need per day to maintain a healthy diet.

Fat Intake Formula

The following formula can be used to calculate your daily fat requirements in grams.

C = ((W*10/2.20452)+(6.25*h/.393701)+(5*a)+sc+6)*.30/9

  • Where C is the daily carbohydrate requirement (grams)
  • W is your weight (lbs)
  • H is your height (in)
  • a is your age (years)
  • sc is a constant based on your sex

Just as with the carb calculator, this formula first determines your total number of daily calories required. It then takes a percentage of that for fats, and divides that number by 9. 9 is the total number of calories per gram of fat.

This formula assumes 30% of all your calories should be coming from fats per day. Some may say this is a little high, but in general high fats is not problematic. In fact, fats are essential to proper hormone function, which leads to proper body weight control.

Fat Intake Calculator (Daily Fat in Grams)

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