Enter the width, thickness, and density of the flat strip into the calculator to determine the flat strip weight.

Flat Strip Weight Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Flat Strip Weight.

FSW = W/12*T/12*D

  • Where FSW is the flat strip weight (lbs/ft)
  • W is the width of the strip (in)
  • T is the thickness of the strip (in)
  • D is the density of the material (lbs/ft^3)

To calculate the flat strip weight, multiply the width by the thickness, then multiply by the density. This yields a weight per unit length.

What is a Flat Strip Weight?


The weight of a flat strip of metal is commonly known as the Flat Strip Weight. This is determined by the thickness and width of the flat metal strip, and it is typically measured in pounds per foot.

Flat strips are generally used for metal plating, coating, and other applications where uniformity in thickness is essential. A typical flat strip can be anywhere from .005″ – .500″.