Freight Class Calculator

Determine the freight class of your shipments given the height, weight, length, and total weight of your package. Use the calculator below to figure out the density of the shipment, then follow the chart directly below that. 

Freight Density (in lbs per cubic foot)Freight Class
Less than 1400
1 but less than 2300
2 but less than 4250
4 but less than 6175
6 but less than 8125
8 but less than 10100
10 but less than 1292.5
12 but less than 1585
15 but less than 22.570
22.5 but less than 3065
Over 3060

What is freight class? 

Freight class is essentially the designation assigned to any given shipment based on the density of the shipment. The reason their are freight classes are so that shipping companies can calculate what it will cost them to ship a certain item.

The freight class system was originally created as a standardized system to declare less than truckload freight shipments to ensure that customers received an unbiased pricing based on weight and volume. 

The NMFTA, or Nation Motor Freight Traffic Association, is who came up with this system. This organization is a non-profit that was created for motor carriers. 

How to determine freight class and freight class factors 

When a shipper is determining the freight class to put on their paperwork, they can simply use the density and chart above. In reality freight class is based on 4 different factors. 

  1. Density – this takes into account the total weight of the shipment as well as the total volume of the shipment. ​​
  2. Stowability – Items that are harder to store, which includes odd shapes and hazardous material, cost more to transport than normal items. 
  3. Liability – This is the likely hood that an item would be damaged or perish during transport. This include fragile items and food
  4. Handling – Any object that requires special care while transporting is likely to be assigned a higher cost to ship. 
Freight Class Calculator

Freight vs Standard Shipping

Standard Shipping – shipping of goods typically less than 150lbs, or smaller in size

Freight Shipping – shipping of goods that require pallets in order to be transported.