Enter the flow velocity, acceleration of gravity, and mean depth into the calculator to determine the Froude number.

Froude Number Calculator

The following equation is used to calculate the Froude number of a gravitational wave.

F = V * Sqrt ( g * h)

  • Where F is the Froude number
  • V is the flow velocity
  • g is the acceleration due to gravity
  • hm is the mean depth

Froude Number Definition

A Froude Number represents the ratio of inertial force to the gravitational force acting on a fluid.

Froude Number Example

How to calculate Froude Number?

  1. First, determine the flow velocity.

    Measure the velocity of flow.

  2. Next, determine the acceleration due to gravity.

    Calculate the acceleration due to gravity.

  3. Next, determine the mean depth.

    Measure the mean depth.

  4. Finally, calculate Froude Number?

    Calculate the Froude Number using the equation above.


What is a Froude Number?

A Froude number is a number that represents the ratio of inertial to gravitational force.

How is Froude number calculated?

The Froude number is calculated using the formula, F = V * Sqrt ( g * h), with the properties of acceleration velocity and depth.

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