Enter the total RPM and radius into the calculator to determine the g-force acting on a rotating object.

G Force Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the g-force of a rotating object or body.

G = .001118 * R * RPM^2
  • Where G is the G-Force
  • R is the radius of the rotation (meters)
  • RPM is the rotations per minute

To calculate a g-force, square the rotations per minute, multiply the result by .001118 times the radius.

G Force Definition

G force is defined as the total force felt on a rotating object due to angular acceleration. The term G force is used to compare this force to the force of gravity. i.e 2 Gs is two times the force of gravity.

G Force Example

How to calculate G Force?

  1. First, determine the radius of rotation.

    Measure the radius of rotation of the object.

  2. Next, determine the RPM.

    Calculate or measure the total number of rotations per minute.

  3. Finally, calculate the G Force.

    Calculate the G Force using the equation above.


What is G Force?

G force, in the case of the above calculator, is a relative force acting on a rotating object.

Why is g force relative?

G force is relative because it’s a force compared to the force of gravity of Earth. For example, 2G’s of g-force is equal to twice the gravitational force of Earth.