Enter the gear system’s tangential, radial, and axial forces into the calculator to determine the gear force.

Gear Force Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Gear Force.

FG = SQRT( Ft^2+Fr^2+Fa^2)

  • Where FG is the total normal force on the gear (N)
  • Ft is the tangential force (N)
  • Fr is the radial force (N)
  • Fa is the axial force (N)

What is a Gear Force?


A gear force is a force that is transmitted by gears. It can be used to transmit or receive forces between two rotating shafts with the help of gears. Gear forces can be used with belts, chains, and V-belts to transmit torque.

How to Calculate Gear Force?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate the Gear Force.

First, determine the tangential force. In this example, the tangential force is measured to be 50N.

Next, determine the radial force. This is measured to be 10 N.

Next, determine the axial force. In this case, the axial force is measured to be 5 N.

Finally, calculate the total gear force using the formula above:

FG = SQRT( Ft^2+Fr^2+Fa^2)

FG = SQRT( 50^2+10^2+5^2)

FG = 51.23 N