GPA Calculator

Calculate your estimated GPA (grade point average). Enter the current letter grade of each of your classes, and the credit value of that class to determine your GPA.

Calculating Your GPA

It’s coming up on that time of year, when your final grades are coming in and your all important GPA is finalizing. This GPA will help you get into colleges, or land you a job after graduating college. There is a common belief that GPA is not the end all be all, and while partially true, your GPA is extremely important. So how do you calculate it? 

The formula is fairly simple. You take your current grades in all your classes (A=4, B=3,C=2,D=1,F=0), multiply them by the credits that class is worth, add those together. Then you take your current GPA, multiply it by your total credits completed, and add that total to the previous number you calculated. (This number is often referred to as your total credit score) Finally, divide your total credit score by your total credits attempted, and you have your final GPA. 

Still not following? That’s OK, you can trust this calculator to do it for you. 

Tips on Improving GPA

You might be thinking, tips on GPA?, don’t you just want to get better grades to improve it? Well yes, of course, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t strategies to maximize your increase in GPA.

GPA Calculator

That’s because your GPA doesn’t just average the grades of all your classes. It takes into account the credit hours your class is worth. This means classes that are worth more credits will effect your overall GPA the most. As a result, it’s important to prioritize raising your grade in classes worth the most credits. If you are struggling in a class right off that bat, consider dropping it and retaking it at a later time. Dropping a class before a certain time period (varies based on school) if you are failing. Another tip is to request help from teachers in ways to improve your grade. Many teacher will not outright offer extra credit, but if a student hows initiative to do so, they may be inclined to help. One last tip, If you are in your last semester of school, don’t kill yourself to get straight A’s and raise your GPA. Since your final GPA is based on the weighted average of all your credits, one semester of straight A’s will not change it as much as you think. Don’t believe me? Give it a try on the calculator, you’ll see.