Enter the original gravity and final gravity into the calculator to determine the ABV of a beverage.

Gravity To ABV Formula

The following equation can be used to calculate the gravity to ABV.

ABV = (OG-FG) * 131.25
  • Where ABG is the alcohol by volume
  • OG is the original gravity
  • FG is the final gravity

To calculate ABV from gravity, multiply the change in gravity by 131.25.

Gravity to ABV Definition

The conversion of gravity to abv involves the difference between the original and final gravity and the constant 131.25.

Gravity to ABV Example

How to calculate ABV from gravity?

  1. First, determine the original gravity.

    Measure the original gravity of the solution.

  2. Next, determine the final gravity.

    Measure the final gravity of the solution.

  3. Finally, calculate the ABV>

    Calculate the ABV using the equation above.


How do you convert gravity to ABV?

Converting gravity to ABV is as simple as using this equation: ABV = (OG-FG) * 131.25.

gravity to abv formula
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